Frequently Asked Questions

Can children wear masks?
As per the CDC, cloth face coverings should not be placed on young children younger than 2 years of age, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the cover without assistance.


Can you adjust the size of this mask to fit different faces?
Yes. Our masks can be sized to fit adults and children (over the age of 2). We have a PDF download that will help guide you through sizing your mask.


How do I clean my mask?
Your isewMask is machine washable. Please use hot water and soap. When you assemble your mask, be sure to secure the nose stay into the mask with tight wrapping stitches at the beginning and end of your seam line so that nose stay does not come out in the laundry machine cycle.


Is the elastic latex free?
We are using a variety of elastic vendors and can’t guarantee that the elastic will be latex free.


Can I get extra parts /How do I order extra parts? Fabric? Nose stay? Thread? Elastic?
We are in the process of adding mask components to my Cynthia Treen Studio Etsy shop. Please click on the link to see what we have recently added and send me an Etsy convo if you have parts questions.


What if I make a mask and it is too large for me, can I adjust the mask?
Yes. Disassemble one side of the mask, trim the width to your desired measurement and reassemble that side of the mask.


Can make the elastics go around my head instead of around my ears?
Yes, but you may need to order additional elastic to complete all four masks.


Can I replace my nose stay?
Carefully remove stitching and take out the nose stay. Use a new pipe cleaner to replace the old nose stay by following the nose stay stitching instructions.


What size needle should I use if I lose my kit needle?
These needles have a long eye made which makes for easier threading. You can use any needle you have on hand. We supplied and recommend a # 5 or # 6 (mid-sized needle) crewel needles (also called embroidery needles). Thinner needles (smaller sizes # 7- #10) will be more smooth passing through the fabric but harder to thread, while thicker needles (#3 - #4) will have more resistance (more difficult to use) as they go through the fabric and a much larger eye.


Will the fabric fray? Do I need to finish the edges of the fabric?
The isewMask fabric will not fray. You will not need to finish the edges.


Why do you use such large stitches?
The sides of the make use ¼ inch stitches and spacing to create the gathering. You can use smaller stitching on the nose stay but if the pipe cleaner nose stay eventually breaks from wear and tear, the ¼ inch stitching will make it easier to replace.


Can I iron the fabric?
You can iron the fabric on a low heat polyester setting.


Why doesn’t the thread match the fabric?
The isewMask kits are designed for anyone to be able to sew and the dark thread makes seeing the stitches easier for beginners and individuals with impaired vision. It also makes repairing masks easier if the elastic or nose stays need to be replaced.